How I Got Here


Bob Payne

For the past 35 years I have been a business professional in the Aerospace & Defense market.  Working for several major A&D manufacturers with a career in Operations and Program Management - now in A&D consulting.  During the course of those years, the opportunities to write were numerous - proposals, white papers, market studies, surveys, position papers, and others.  I have also written some poetry!  Using those acquired skills, I have another career - copywriting!!! I'm really ejoying this next chapter of my life!!


My writing career, or at least my first love affair with writing, began in high school.  As many young men like to do at that age, I found that poetry could be impressive with some, so I decided to try my hand at poetry.  There was some mild success and I continued to write throughout high school, my initial stint in college, and my time in the military.


Shortly thereafter, I got what every writer gets at some time, writer's block.  I didn't write again for over 10 years and only sporaticlly after that.  Life took over and my writing, at least the writing of poetry took a back seat.  I did continue writing, but in an entirely different vein.


The writing during this time took another form - that of business writing.  I wrote many position papers, proposals, product reviews, reports, communication releases, market studies/surveys, and a few resumes for others.  And, that's what I did for over 35 years in the Aerospace & Defense arena.  I worked as an Operations professional and a Program Manager for several major A&D manufacturers and am still a paid consultant to private equity firms, professional services firms, investment management firms, small businesses, potential government contractors, and individuals on many areas of Aerospace & Defense.


Some time ago, I received a bit of correspondence from American Writers and Artists, Inc (AWAI).  They were having a promotion on one of their products called

"Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting" that sounded interesting so I followed up.

The result has been wonderful.  I learned so much from their program and it's provided wonderful insight into the world of copywriting in all its forms.  They provide myriad avenues of support and products to support those who've subscribed and are members of AWAI.  And now, as they say, the rest is not history, but a new beginning!!